What to Expect at your First Myofascial Release Session


Myofascial Release is different than traditional massage. The most noticeable difference is that no lotions or oils are used. This is to enable the therapist a proper hold into the fascial system so they don't slide on the surface of the skin. Each technique is also held for a much longer time period- anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Anything less than that will not allow for an effective 'release' of the fascial fibers. 

Your therapist will treat areas of the body that have pain and also areas that don't- this is because of the nature of fascia.  The entire system works together to support the body and its movement so when one area becomes tight, it affects the entire body. Oftentimes areas of pain are simply a starting point.  

At the end of your treatment, you will receive a consultation. Your therapist will explain what was found during the evaluation and treatment, and together you will decide on the treatment program that best suits your needs. Your treatment program will also include a self-care regime that enhances and maintains the results accomplished in your treatment sessions. This is crucial for creating dramatic and lasting changes.